Guild Recruitment Dragon Nest Sea/Global WestWood

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Guild Recruitment Dragon Nest Sea/Global WestWood

Post  DTTerrier on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:39 am

We are recruiting players from for our guild in WESTWOOD!!!

Our Guild has been around for quite awhile but we never began
recruiting! Because it was just a group of friends Very Happy
But now we are looking into expanding the guild!!!

I would say in general we are a fairly casual guild!
We are Friendly too if you dont do anything BAD!

Some requirements!

English Speaking!

yeah i pretty much covered everything i guess HAHA

Anyone who is interested in joining please leave your ign here!
and roughly the times you are n game. night, after midnight, etc.
and if i already invited you can you edit your post and put Recruited?

just so i can keep track of who i have invited and what not.


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