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Introduce Yourself! Empty Introduce Yourself!

Post  DTTerrier on Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:26 am

This is the most cliche post in any guild forum AND THIS IS NO DIFFERENT Laughing
So if you are new! please post here and tell us more about yourself! Very Happy

IGN: DarkDamageX
Guild Position: Guild Leader
Guild Name: NekoMiMi
Class: Mercenary
ALTS: non Active Currently

LOVES CATS!!! (Thus the GuildName)
Watching Anime!
Sound and Game Design Very Happy

Currently Playing:
Dragon Nest
Dark Souls (PS3)
League Of Legends

I mean these on a daily basis HAHA!
You dont have to follow my format just trying to make things easier for others to read XD

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Introduce Yourself! Empty My Introduction

Post  saibin on Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:19 pm

Greetings. I'm saibin, a name derived from a dialect (hokkien) in my country, Singapore.
The direct English translation of it is Sh!tface.

Why the hell would I use such a degrading IGN? - Some things are better left unsaid Laughing

As the domain name of this forum suggests - We play on Westwood server only.

I have several characters of different classes (duh?). I don't main any of them due to my interest in PvP only, to hell with PvE. Characters #1-3 are "3 Triangle" ranked Very Happy

Character #1: Veliea
Class: Elemental Lord (To-be-Pyro/Selena)

Character #2: Vorpalist
Class: Swordmaster (To-be-Hybrid Glad)

Character #3: Halberdier (Axe)
Class: Mercenary (Hammer Training Crying or Very sad )

Character #4: Vulvasaur (close to deleting)
Class: Acrobat


Watching Prawn, Playing Chinese Chess, Most non-targeting based MMOs, Manga, Eat-Drink-Man-Woman.

Watching Shrimp, Playing International Chess, Most targeting based MMOs, Most local published comics (often published in Singapore's local newspaper).

Currently Playing (to name a few):
Dragon Nest (but ofc?)
League Of Legends
Modern Warfare 2
StarCraft 2

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Introduce Yourself! Empty Introduction

Post  MeRci1e55 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:35 pm

Greeting Mates.

IGN: MeRci1e55
Class: Mercenary (Hammer)
Guild Position: Member

Playing the guitar (Fingerstyle!!)
Eating (This is my favourite Very Happy)

Current Active Games:
Battlefield 3 (PS3) (IGN: DeltaHAHA)
League Of Legends


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Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself!

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