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If you are reading this then you must be interested to know how mercenaries PvP.
I have been playing my Merc since DN started and it is the only character i got
to 32 so far the next closest is my priest at 29.

so yes i PvP alot with my merc. why? because i think mercenary is so fun to play
in PvP! So in this guide ill be giving some basic information about mercenaries.

Then later in the guide ill go in depth to different class based PvP tactics.

Why Use Hammer?

I see a great majority of players using axe in PvP. To be honest, yes axe
does a crazy amount of damage in PvP the normal atk alone can crit up to
1k++ per hit. not to mention on hit effects like harsh or destruction, which
will literally destroy players.

I have been using hammer since level 1, yea i was stupid then XD.
From playing both weapons fairly often, hammer seems to be stronger to me.
obviously in the hands of a strong player axe is just ridculous to defeat.
luckily there are only a handful of GOOD axe players.

Hammer from what i see the hammer normal attack has launching capabilities,
what i mean is if the 3rd hit, hits the players when he is mid air or standing still.
it will launch the player into the air. giving openings for flying swing or rolling attack.


Mercenaries have quite a number of skills and i usually split them into 3 categories.

Initiators, Damage Dealers, Buffs/Debuffs.


Dash Blow/Soccer-Kick Combo -
This skill is so important for merc, alot of skills can be interupted by this
skill as it launches players into the air.

Impact punch -
This is the best skill for any warrior with it's naturally low cooldown
and high knockup rate, it is the perfect skill for linking between skills and
engaging. why? because few players see it coming, you tumble away and
they expect you to dash blow but u run into their face and impact punch
instead saving the dash blow for after he uses his AR(Aerial Recovery).

Heavy Slash -
Good skill as it flinches players when they are hit. but only viable to initiate
against melee class characters. usually players follow up with rising slash.

Stomp -
This skill has one of the best interupts for mercs. BUT it takes abit of practice
with timing. u have to gauge the distance u can hit players, when u know how,
this skill is a great initiator as it flinches as well.

Crisis Howl -
This is the Troll skill of the mercenary. when u get hit you can right click which
will do a howl that knocks back players flinching them. Great against SMs when
they try and rush in with deep straight, triple slash, dash slash.

Demolition Punch -
Strong super armor skill. this skill also flinches enemies that are hit. it is usually
used when you know the enemy is going to rush in for a engage. this skill most
lkely can tank it and push them back.

Punishing Swing (HolyShyt Swing) -
The ranged skill for mercenaries usually hitting players with this flinches them.
giving you the chance to run in and dash blow them.

Damage Dealers

Rolling Attack -
Heavy hitter when done right. best done when player is in mid air. such as after
a launching normal attack, Flying Swing or Ring Bomber. This skill carries the enemy
with the player. and if you hit a wall the enemy will be bounced back.

Circle Swing -
Wide range attack. able to pick enemies from ground. best used after enemy [Shift].
usually followed by impact punch for relaunch due to skill animation delay.

Rising slash -
hits a load of times, becauseful when you use this, most players would aerial recovery
here so i counter this by, landing and instantly using flying swing. this will tank the
hit and probably knock him back up without his AE you can goto town on him.

Flying Swing -
Strong Super Armor. Used to counter quick attacks like triple slash and such.
when hit launches players very high into the air. players also use this as a
chance to aerial due to it's long air time. run away first and dash blow/stomp
when he lands.

Cyclone -
I myself have some things yet to learn about this skill. apparently if the last 2-3
hits manage to catch the enemy, they will be launched into the air. but it seems
to happen quite randomly for me. when i learn on how it's done i will update this section.
For now i just use it after flinching a player.

Ring Bomber -
BIG ranged engager. players tend to think mercs and melee class and stay far away.
with this skill u can prove them wrong. how? punishing swing and make them use their
[Shift] then ring bomber them. if they are at the direct centre it will hit twice causing
up to 10k damage.


Devitalizing Howl -
this skill is quite hard to hit but when it does, silences the enemy for 3 seconds and
removes 1 buff. perfect against paladins who camp with stance of faith. just super
armor buff yourself and charge it in his face.

Battle Howl -
Increases Critical chance and Stun Chance. i rarely use it in PvP but usually used
together with aruper armor buff.

*Super Armor Buff* -
i dont like using this skill because it's a dirty move. i only use it when paladins/priests
use block or when other mercs use it.

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[GUIDE][DTTerrier's Guide To Mercenary PvP] Empty Re: [GUIDE][DTTerrier's Guide To Mercenary PvP]

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