[GUIDE][DTTerrier's Official Guide To Earning Gold In DN]

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[GUIDE][DTTerrier's Official Guide To Earning Gold In DN]

Post  DTTerrier on Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:04 am

*Currently Completed Without Pictures and Videos*

This Guide Will Teach You How I Make My Money At The Level 32 CAP!!!
If anyone has any other methods of earning money please link the thread so i can add
it in for everyone elses information! Very Happy

I will also be working on a PvP Hammer Merc Guide to try encourage more people to use
hammers in PvP.

So Stay Tuned Very Happy

[Technique 1#]

This is aimed at those who do not really like to care alot about the market in the game.
With this technique u can slowly earn gold daily, adding up to a large sum over time.


*Will Upload As Soon As I Have Time To Record And Edit*

Santuary Core and Prayer's Resting Place

These two have created so much arguements about which is the better farming spot.
They are very similar and for certain classes the timings may vary.


Rough Agates!
PICK THEM UP, these are your main source of income as they drop
very often and sales in the market place are around 13-14 gold
per stack!

With the 32 cap released this has become a very stong market
Gifts can be exchanged to various NPCs to gain fraction points.
Grey gifts give 10 points while green gives 30.

every 50 points or so you can go to the guild shop to exchange
them for medim octoganal water! and these can sell for tons!

Boss Drops!
After you kill the boss they will almost always drop some trash
item. pick it up! it can be sold to vendors for a small sum.
Tear of Soul from Prayer's can give around 1 gold each!
if your lucky u can get a poison pill as well! 20 gold each!

Rough Gems!
No but seriously! If any of them drop just pick it up!
With the medium octoganal water you get
you can use 3 same rough gems to get 1 oridinary gem!
This may not profit much but these are for people who want
to enhance their 32 epic gear this is important.

Keys Of Dimentional Box
These are great! you can collect a whole bunch of them
and either sell it or use it on ABYSS dungeons. if you are lucky
you can get a gold box and profit a hell load if the plate is good!

like warrior's side kick plate/50% animation which costs almost

Blue Equipment (OPTIONAL)
Maybe if you dont want to sell your rough agates you can
enhance these blue items to +7 or +8.
After that disassemble them for comet dust.
I believe they sell 60-70 silver per dust.
If you are lucky you can get up to 50 dust per item.


FARM IT UP GOOD!!! you dont need the best equipment to run these dungeons fast!
i am using level 24 blues and i clear Prayer's Resting Place in 5 mins a run!

And i know this isnt supposed to be a marketing guide but be smart and watch it
sometimes. watch when prices are low and hold your stocks. Wait for prices
to start climb back up before selling your stuff to maximise your profits.

I keep a notepad of market prices that i commonly sell to see the prices change.
if you cannot remember much prices this may be a good tip Very Happy

1. Take Board Mission(Master Repeatable)
2. Enter Dungeon
3. Look Out For The Items I Indicated
4. Repeat Dungeon 3x
5. Return To Town (Repair/Sell)
6. Rinse And Repeat!

Boring but this gives the players abit of income to play around with Smile

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Re: [GUIDE][DTTerrier's Official Guide To Earning Gold In DN]

Post  DTTerrier on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:43 pm


This is the money making i feel less inclined to use
BUTTTT it reaps alot of profit with no effort really
needed just a ton of patience which i do not have Smile

IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 1k GOLD! I recommend you
use [TECHNIQUE 1#]
to earn some gold first! YOU WILL NEED IT!



It's up to you how or what you want to deal in!
all i can do is give advice on how to approach it!


It helps to see what is in demand equipment based!
you can later find what materials are needed to craft or enhance it.
these are the items you will be generally looking at!

by keeping a look out on future updates in the game
you can anticipate what items will be needed for future items.
like before the 32 patch


now to the actual money earning!


After you know what items you are looking for!

Check on them regularly! have a friend check for you
ANYTHING! if it's cheap tell ur frens to help buy it first
then pay them back later!

Even better find a few friends! control a specific item!
Buy anything cheaper than your price and making people
buy your items instead!

When we have enough people we will set up a thread to
set who will be in charge of what items! so please recruit
if you can find any other SG players!


This is the hardest part!

There are times where you stock up on an item
but the item price keeps going down.
you have to be patient with it!!!

If you are afraid then try selling it at the highest price possible
so you make as little loss as possible!

like in technique 1# i strongly suggest a small notebook
or notepad to record all price values that you may need!


To Sum It Up
1. Farm Money
2. Check Markets
3. Buy/Sell
4. Rinse and Repeat
5. ???
6. Profit

Prepare to make losses at first if you are new to this!
i prefer slow steady income so i use a mix of these two techniques Very Happy

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